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Fowler has a few tips on how to putt quickly

These three tips from Rickie Fowler will make you a faster, better putter Everyone knows when you’re the slow player in your group. Even guys on tour get called out for it – Rickie Fowler’s been known to poke some fun at Jordan Spieth for taking too long. A lot of average golfers end up burning […]

More beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Golf courses are helping the environment — one monarch butterfly habitat at a time Behind the scenes at pretty much any golf course is a person who takes pride in keeping up the greens. “You’ll find that most golf course superintendents are naturalists,” said Joseph Hubbard, golf course superintendent Boca Delray Golf and Country Club […]

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How air swings can help refine your action

DUSTIN JOHNSON’S SECRET TO PRACTICING WITHOUT A CLUB DJ does it. You do it. We all do it. Whether it’s in front of a mirror, after the elevator door closes, or just to get a giggle out of an amused toddler, making golf swings, sans club, is a long-established golf ritual. Although it might seem frivolous, you […]

Postitive Outlook for the Golf Industry

While golf participation is stable, Tiger effect gives industry a boost As golf industry leaders gathered in the nation’s capital Wednesday, there were likely self-congratulatory messages, obligatory selfies and a celebration by those who see further proof that they continue to grow the game. But there should also be a moment of thanks to the […]

Try these things the next time you’re on the range.

What you can learn from a Long Drive Champ As a former world long-drive champion, I often hear from regular golfers that they’ll never come close to being able to swing like me. Not true. You can. If you copy even a little of my technique, the ball is going to come off the face […]

Escape Any Bunker: How To Get Over A High Lip

This might go against your instinct when you’re in a bunker with a high lip, but the last thing you want to do is try to help the ball over the lip. When you try to force it up and over, it almost always comes out lower and slams into the face. Instead, do what […]

Weight transfer in the golf swing

Poor weight transfer (and how we develop swing flaws) I recall an old joke about a guy who was lost on a country backroad. He spots a local resident and asks for directions to a certain town. The local responds: “You can’t get there from here.” Whenever I hear that joke, I think about weight […]